Poor Us: The Great Depression 2.0

March 24, 2009

Watch “Frontline” Tackle the Ten-Trillion Debt Tonight

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After NPR: Planet Money, the folks at PBS: Frontline are the best explainers when it comes to telling the sort of complicated, multi-layered, ambiguity-laden news story that stump the talking heads cast as journalists on the 24-hour cable news networks.   So, if you ever hope to understand just exactly how broke we are, the report premiering online and on many PBS stations tonight is must-see TV  :

Ten Trillion and Counting: “All of the federal government’s efforts to stem the tide in the financial meltdown that began with the subprime mortgage crisis have added hundreds of billions of dollars to our national debt. FRONTLINE reports on how this debt will constrain and challenge the new Obama administration, and on the growing chorus on both sides of the aisle that without fiscal reform, the United States government may face a debt crisis of its own which makes the current financial situation pale in comparison. Through interviews with leading experts and insiders in government finance, the film investigates the causes and potential outcomes of—and possible solutions to—America’s $10 trillion debt.”

Stay tuned: next week “Frontline” takes on the health care crisis.

A look at the health-care crisis, which finds some 46 million Americans uninsured and many more underinsured. The episode highlights the problems faced by small businesses and employees, who often pay more for less.

Sick Around America, premieres on PBS stations and online March 31

via Paul Kerdosky’s Infectious Greed

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