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June 1, 2009

Are Gun Sales Silver Lining for Gloomy Stock Market?

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By  Poor Us Guest Contributor srhansen

In cloudy times it often suits to look for a silver lining. According to many reports, gun sales are booming.  Peter Bronson, in an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer, quotes a clerk at One Shot, a local gun store,”Go anywhere else and the economy is in trouble, but walk into a gun shop and you’ll think the economy is fine.”

A story by Frederick Kunkle in The Washington Post, refers to Gary Kleck, a researcher at Florida State University’s College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, who indicated that times of uncertainty often spur sales of firearms because of concerns about personal safety. According to the Wall Street Journal, “fear and greed” have propelled a 27 percent spike in background checks for gun sales.

And, for the first time in my life, I heard an advertisement for gun sales on the air–Fox Sports Radio.  I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that Fox chose this particular sponsor, and one could argue that it’s aimed at the field and stream folk. But it’s just as likely targeted at soccer hooligans and NASCAR supporters.

The web site is called ColdWarShooters.The home page features a $2,499.99 semi-automatic carbine with a 17.4” civilian legal barrel.  Pistols range from $300 to over $1,000. Since the cold war is over, who is the target consumer? The burglars?  The burgled?  Both?

What’s the sliver bullet, er lining? My guess is silk. Everyone’s looking for stock hunches, so perhaps its time to channel that 401k into AK 47s. Maybe Smith & Wesson? Or Sturm Ruger? My choice is Hillenbrand, parent company of the Batesville Casket Company.  It’s a good bet that whether it’s the good guys or the bad guys lockin’ and loadin’, the end result will be a rising demand for burial supplies.

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