Poor Us: The Great Depression 2.0

February 16, 2009

OMG! Is that US in the Superpower Collapse Soup line?

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In 1995, Russian/American engineer Dmitry Orlov discovered the recipe for dish he calls “Superpower Collapse Soup.”  Based on the ingredients that brought down the Soviet Union–a severe and chronic shortfall in the production of crude oil, a severe and worsening foreign trade deficit, a runaway military budget, and ballooning foreign debt–Orlov theorized that the U.S. was not far from completing their own economic disaster stew. By 2007, soup’s on! Come and get it!

So what’s for dessert?  Not much, it seems, since in the “absence of a functioning economy… commerce at a standstill… little or no access to imports… a population that is largely penniless” we can “forget growth, forget jobs, forget financial stability,”  according to the  “savagely humorous”  SALT talk Orlove presented on Friday the 13th  in San Francisco.  You can read the entire text of  “Social Collapse Best Practices”  here and decide for yourself if you agree that’s it’s “savagely humorous” or if it wipes any thought of a smile from your face perhaps forever. However sad a soup it is, Dr. Debacled suggests that you hold your nose and swallow every drop of this bitter bouillon.  That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger (we hope). Here’s a sip to get you started:

“Right now the Washington economic stimulus team is putting on their Scuba gear and diving down to the engine room to try to invent a way to get a diesel engine to run on seawater. They spoke of change, but in reality they are terrified of change and want to cling with all their might to the status quo. But this game will soon be over, and they don’t have any idea what to do next. (more…)


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