Poor Us: The Great Depression 2.0

April 15, 2009

Ways the Economy Will Change Poor Us? #1 Rise of Gen Millennial Clans

WALTZ_FARM Earlier I posted about the The Christian Science Monitor’s 10 Ways the Economy Will Be Different, an article that offered reasonable assumptions about how the crash will change our economic future and how we’ll adapt.

Personally, I have seen no evidence that we can be level-headed in financial matters given that not long ago the median home price in this area was $1million but people kept buying based on the belief that home values always rise. With that level of credulity mixed with wishful thinking, I feel sure our economic Tomorrowland will be far more unpredictable, fractious and changed than the penny-pinching, EBay shopping reality of the CSM’s list of ten.

How far will the paradigm shift? So far, the Poor Us Economic Outlook is a list of one.  It will grow as I find surmises as good as this one from Adam Nathaniel Mayer’s NewGeography blog post, The Millennials First Recession. As a member of the 20ish Millennial generation, Mayer and many members of his cohort are fresh out of college and have already lost their first jobs.  They’re finding it difficult to find new jobs given that the Baby Boomers (Millennials


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