Poor Us: The Great Depression 2.0

March 26, 2009

Tick Tock: New Watch Foretells Disaster

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If only Swiss watchmaker Borgeaud had come up with with their disaster predicting watch a couple of years sooner and peddled it aggressively to Wall Street Derivatives Brokers–who were probably always in the market for watches in the $2000 to $250,000 range–Just think how much less disastrous the world might be today. Unfortunately we can’t claw back time any easier than AIG bonuses and, anyway,  who’d want to know when the next crash is coming?

Here’s the story via WalletPop

Borgeaud, a Swiss manufacturer of premium watches, has teamed with Indian astrologers to produce a fortune-telling watch. The company’s

“Panchang” line allegedly combines “the best of Swiss watch-making and one of the world’s oldest almanacs” to produce a timepiece that will tell users when disaster is poised to strike.
The silver-faced watch features what Ananova describes as a “bedpan-shaped” cutout. The space is generally blue, but occasionally will fill with a brown color, indicating that astral forces are poised to wreak havoc on one’s life. These looming terrors correspond to the “Rahu Kaal;” according to Indian Vedic astrology, these dark periods are inauspicious times in which to begin new undertakings.
Bedpan commentary aside, the watches are quite attractive. Beginning at $2,000, they can run up to $250,000, depending upon the accessories that customers choose. Given that the watchmaker is only producing 650 of them, it is reasonable to predict that the timepieces are going to increase in value. (read on)

If you can’t afford a Panchang watch, you can keep up with the Rahu Kaal and Vedic Astrology Stock Market predictions here:

March 23 –27 –  This week appears to have some potentially negative influences that may make it difficult for the market to add to recent gains. On Monday, the Sun is in a square aspect with Pluto.  This may indicate some tension and struggle surrounding large organizations and government.

The Moon is conjunct both Mars and Neptune, another potentially difficult transit that carries overtones of secrecy or illusion.  One wonders if the Geithner plan to deal with the toxic banking assets may somehow embody some of these forces.  Given the planets involved, there is some reason to think that the plan will not be well received.  Tuesday sees Mars in harmonic aspect with Rahu, perhaps indicating an excess of energy or an action that is somehow out of control, with possible damaging consequences.  Thursday features the New Moon at 12 degrees of sidereal Pisces.  Given the close aspect from unpredictable Ketu, this New Moon chart may indicate a lot of volatility for the next few weeks.  On Friday, the Sun conjoins retrograde Venus, now in an even closer aspect from Ketu.  While it’s possible this may coincide with higher prices as perhaps the unbounded quality of Ketu may unleash a flurry of buying on baseless optimism, but it seems more likely to translate into selling.

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